Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is imwebcreator? I am web creator? provides affordable web development services to everyone. By using the tools on the website, we will build our customer’s website according to their enquiry. We are called Imwebcreator because the customer is also involved in the development process, so they are also a website creator.

What is so unique about imwebcreator?

Good question! You may refer to Our Services for more details about us.

How many layout do you have?

Currently we have 21 layouts for you to choose. We will provide additional layout from time to time for you to choose up to your heart's content. Check back often!

What is the price for the web development?

All our development plans are priced at MYR999 nett.

How much do you charge me if I wanted to change my website's layout after the first year?

You will need to pay a fee of MYR699 (nett) to us and we will change the layout of your website for you.

How long do i need to wait for my website to be ready?

Average delivery time is between 2-3 days. You must follow the instruction properly for us to be able to deliver the website to you on time.

Do i get any compensation if you are unable to deliver on time?

We adopted a 100% money-back guarantee policy for cases that we have failed to deliver the website on time. Otherwise, we will build your website for FREE, depending on the situation.

Who will be doing the website development?

We have 3 programmer and 1 senior designer that will be involved in developing your project. You will get contacted during this period for extra enquiries that we needed.

Can I request for changes after my project is done?

Yes, you can always request for the enhancement/changes. We will do some minor changes (Such as spelling errors, or text colors) for Free. For major changes however, we will charge MYR200 for every change requests. We encourage you to compile a list of changes before proceeding for the change request in order for you to save cost.

What should I do to proceed with the package?

Simple. Just click here and follow the instructions carefully. Once you are done, our sales representative will contact you. They will assist you after that.

Can I have a look on other customers who used your services?

Of course, you can take look at our customer site.

Can I sell your product/services?

We have reseller package for you. For more information, you can have a look at reseller site.